Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend! (2/14/09)

That would be a shrimp in the air and Jody catching it! Pappaw looks like he is getting out of the way!

On McKenzie's first Valentine's day, she woke up dressed in her Valentine's PJ's and open her surprises from mommy & daddy and mimi & pawpaw. Valentine's day is also Mimi's Birthday and she turned the big 50 !!! so we all went out to dinner at Stix in Hoover to celebrate. You can only imagine how many people where there on Valentine's Day. Aunt Holly had called and made us reservations at 6, so we thought it would be no big deal! We arrived about 20 minutes early and ended up waiting over an hour to get our table! However it was well worth the wait! We enjoyed being entertained by our chef, watching McKenzie tear up a plate of rice and watching them put a silly hat on Mimi and sing Happy Birthday to her! It was a blast!!!

Then on Sunday we had a birthday party for Mimi, Jacob, Jody & Ashley's boyfriend. It is so crazy, all the boys birthday's are the same!!! Everyone came over and we ate mammaw's lasanga, and had cake! It was a wonderful time with family!

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