Monday, April 20, 2009

McKenzie's First Disney Trip Feb. 2009

McKenzie and I went to Disney World this past February with my mom & dad for Holly's cheerleading Nationals. We left early Thursday morning and prepared ourselves for a 10 hour drive. McKenzie did wonderful, as she is use to making long trips in the car! Once we arrived, I was pumped, it had been 20 years(yes I am dating myself) since I had been to Disney World! We got up early on Friday and went to watch the cheerleaders practice (Holly had ACL surgery and was unable to compete), after that we headed to Epcot. We did not have long at Epcot since we were on "cheerleader" time. We ate lunch and walked around. Mimi found McKenzie some ducks and she LOVES ducks(or any animal ) so they played with the ducks through the fence for a while. We rode the Nascar ride and went shopping!!! That was about all we had time to do. We met back and took the monorail to The Magic Kingdom! McKenzie LOVED this ride. It was so funny watching her. At The Magic Kingdom we rode several rides and went to the candy shop! We all got huge matching suckers which McKenzie started to eat through the plastic and started sucking on it. She also got a minnie mouse hat made with her name on it! We watched the fireworks over Cinderella's Castle and then it was time for bed!
The next morning we had to be up super early for the first round of competition. The girls competed at Disney's Hollywood Studios....formerly MGM as I knew it! We watched the girls compete and then we were off!!! We rode the Tower of Terror & The Rockin' Rollercoaster. omg, these are two amazing rides, that we ended up riding several times. During one time McKenzie and PawPaw where waiting on us to finish riding the ride so he decided to get her an ice cream sandwich, needless to say she enjoyed it, because when we got back it was all over her face. McKenzie got to see Donald Duck & Daisey. She wanted to see them from a distance but did not want to have ANYTHING to do with them up close! We waited in line and got our picture made with them. I have to say though McKenzie most favorite thing was sitting on a carousal horse (it was not working, it just was sat out) she has so much fun riding on the horses that we sat her on it. She had a FIT when we took her off it. The next day when we came back the horse was gone... I guess they moved him to somewhere else in the park!
The next day was extremely busy. We went to The Animal Kingdom, back to Hollywood Studio's and then finished the night off in Downtown Disney & Pleasure Island. about a lot crammed in one day... we ate at The Rainforest Cafe and Planet Hollywood. We went into tons of shops at Downtown Disney. At The Animal Kingdom McKenzie & Holly got their face painted. I could not believe that McKenzie sat still long enough for the girl to pant a Minnie Bow on her head! She looked adorable!
For our final day... all exhausted as ever... we went to The Magic Kingdom. This was McKenzie's day, the Magic Kingdom offers a lot more rides for children than the other places. McKenzie rode the carousal, dumbo and lots of other... she had a blast!!! We went through Cinderella's castle and did more shopping. By this time it was time to get back and get some much needed rest! We had a wonderul time, but wished every minute that Daddy could have went with us. He enjoyed our 500 phone calls every day updating him on what McKenzie was doing!
We had a blast and look forward to going back next year... grove girls get to we want to go back to nationals again!!!

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