Pinterest Inspired!

McKenzie's snack day at school ! 

Mummy Juice Boxes!!! 

 Super cute and SOOOO easy!
What you will need is a package of gauze bandage roll  (we had 18 boxes so I used 2 packs)
A package of wiggly eyes 
and a glue gun! 

I took the gauze and cut it in to halves and then cut the halves into two separate pieces (I did this so I could use to pieces per box and have more of a "mummy" look) 
I took the straws off and hot glued them to the side after I wrapped the boxes and placed the eyes on them! Super easy McKenzie was able to help and they were a HUGE hit in her class!!!

Frankenstein Pudding Cups 

Another super easy snack and McKenzie helped ! 

Vanilla Pudding cups with oreo crumbles on top!
here is the step by step !
First we took a black sharpie and drew cute Frankenstein faces on each of them, then 
I bought the Jello Brand Vanilla Instant Pudding and added green food coloring until our color liking
Next we poured the pudding in the cups and McKenzie sprinkled the oreo crumbs on top! So easy and so cute!!! The kids LOVED them!!! 

Waterfall Braid! She LOVED it!!! & I did too :)

Bubble gum flowers :)  I thought they turned out so cute!! 

SUPER cute headband tutorial  I made these to match mckenzie's outfits with the leftover scrap fabric from each :) 

I've been sewin' !!! Thanks to Pinterest!

I don't owe pinterest a thank for teaching me to sew, I have been sewing off and on for 4 years now! I love love love to sew, I just don't always find the time...well the last 6 weeks I have anything but a lack of time!!! So Pinterest....yes Pinterest thank you for inspiring me to whip out my sewing machine again and get to sewing!!!! Here are a few creations I have made over the last few weeks !

I used this tutorial on making this super cute peasant top 

I used this tutorial for this super cute one shoulder dress

I used this tutorial  for this super easy DIY skirt

pinterest Inspired Salsa 

DIY bow, I used the tutorial from pinterest and only did half for the gift bows.