Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dances With Dirt Devils Lake Wisconsin Race

After watching Jacob complete his first ultra marathon trail race, I instantly wanted to run one too!! I decided to train and run in my first 1/2 marathon trail race, which just so happened to be my first half marathon. We loaded up  the kids and made it a vacation! We hit the road for Wisconsin Dells! Dances with Dirt, truly puts on a fun and exciting race! Not to mention Devils Lake is absolutely beautiful! As I was about 2 miles out I was ready to be finished...more than ready! I can remember making the turn out of the woods and seeing my children. I actually even got tears in my eyes because I was so happy to see them. There they were cheering me on to the finish! they even ran with me across the finish line. It was such a rewarding experience. I felt so much pride in completing that 1/2. It definitely set me up for many more to come!!!