Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our lil' Chef Kenzie

So McKenzie was playing around in her "big" girl panties & HALLOWEEN shirt...and decided she wanted to cook, she pulled out her apron and I pulled out her matching hat! She wasn't so sure about the hat, but we have another one & once I put it on she ok with it! She was cracking us up stirring her food around & DANCING (as usual) in her apron!!! I thought these were so funny & wanted to share them with you all!

Playing on the chalkboard!

I heard something tapping, so I creeped around the corner by McKenzie's room & immediately had run and get my camera! She was hilarious!!! she was tapping the chalk on the chalkboard & writing ALL over it! She had pulled her step stool over to help reach the highest part on the chalkboard! It was too cute!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas Morning!

When McKenzie woke up Christmas morning she was overwhelmed! There was so much to play with and so much to do, she didn't know where to begin! She immediately wanted to go outside and play in her bouncer....or Boing Boing as she calls it! Once we were able to pry her out of it, we began opening presents. If we would have let her do it all by herself we would still be opening gifts!!! She was SOOOO slow, she wanted to play with everything as soon as she opened it! We had a wonderful time with Mimi, PawPaw and Lala her to enjoy this special day! We all opened presents and had a wonderful breakfast....then PLAYED & PLAYED!!!

Santa came to see McKenzie

We celebrated Christmas this year in Beaufort! It was nice to wake up in our own house, however we missed spending the day with our family!

McKenzie was very good this year and Santa brought her lots of goodies!!!!

Getting ready for our 2nd trip to Disney!

I am so excited about going on our second trip to Disney World! This year I really wanted to create something special for McKenzie to wear. With the expertise of Aunt Beth & Ashley they were able to help me create exactly what I wanted!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP, I greatly appreciate it!!! We did a jacket and three shirts! I am in the process of creating some pants to go with them! The black one with hearts is for her to wear on Valentine's Day, since we will be spending it in Disney! The purple one of course to show our spirit for the Grove Girls!! This will be Holly's Senior year and our last Disney Trip for Competition! We will definitely be excited about going in the near future when Jacob can go as well!!!

Circus 2010 Savannah

We went to the circus Sunday in Savannah and had a blast! We got to see the tigers outside & then we went down on the stage for the pre-show! McKenzie LOVED the elephants and danced & clapped the whole time!