Monday, May 11, 2009

My 2nd Mother's Day!

It was wonderful, Jacob was able to spend the weekend at home! (which was GREAT) We got up and got ready for church. The children at church made the cutest little flowers that they passed out to all of the moms. Then we left and went to Barbara Jean's (a local southern restaurant that specializes in crab cakes) It was sooooo good!!! From there we went driving around all the islands around us and had a wonderful time site seeing! After that we got some ice cream from the Popsicle man and came home! It was a perfect day! I could not have ask for anything better...but to be with my mommy!!!(but we will see them soon !!! FRIDAY!!)

Playing with daddy at the beach!

On Saturday we loaded up the car & cooler and headed to the beach! It was a beautiful day. McKenzie enjoyed eating the ice out of the cooler, playing with the shells, running to the water and meeting a friend(a dog) ! We had a great time and got some sun! McKenzie is tanning so well! I constantly keep sunblock on her, but I think she has some Italian skin!!! she has the cutest little tan lines!

A trip to the park!

Went to downtown Beaufort and walked around the waterfront and went to the park. McKenzie had a great time playing on the swing, pretending to drive the boat and playing in the house. She wore herself out, by the time we made it to the car and got her a drink she was asleep!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

DI school update!

I was going to let everyone know that Jacob is doing well! We have officially made it through week 4 of his 11 week school. I am amazed every day at all the good things I am hearing about how well he is doing. From everyone! He is really taking this seriously and striving to do his best. This past weekend he was on Observation. He followed around a platoon out of third battalion. He was nervous at first, but said he LOVED it. I figured he would, he was born to do this! He was up from about 2:45 am to about 11:00 pm for two days. They followed behind the recruits and watched everything. I heard numerous stories from him and his friends about their weekend!
7 weeks left!

sleepy baby!

McKenzie was looking through her book, I was reading it from the front seat, since I know the words by heart! Jacob & I did not hear anything from her (which is extremely unusal) so we looked back there and she was asleep, with her head resting on the book!

McKenzie wants to be a drill

Today we were helping Daddy find some gear that he had packed up and McKenzie wanted to play with everything!!! She looked precious, the cutest Marine we have ever seen....other than her Daddy! :) We couldn't leave Bob out... he had to get in the gear too, he would not leave his hat on long enough for a picture!

Taste of Beaufort May 2, 2009

McKenzie at The Taste of Beaufort last year May 3, 2008
Us at the Taste of Beaufort May 2, 2009

It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day on Saturday! We went downtown to The Taste of Beaufort! This was McKenzie's second year to attend! It was even better than last year. We ate & ate & ate until we could not eat anymore. We had southern shrimp sushi, shrimp salad, hamburgers, Italian ice, ice cream, cookies and drinks! We pigged out! We sat in the swings on the waterfront and listened to the band who ironically where from Birmingham! (talk about a small world) McKenzie danced and danced! (My camera battery died :( , I was so mad!) It was so cute, as usual she made friends with everyone, dogs included! We had a WONDERFUL time!!! I added some pics from last year at the feastival, I love looking back at home much she has grown & changed over a years time! It is AMAZING!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Playing with chalk!

McKenzie had a blast playing with her sidewalk chalk. She liked right on the truck more than the driveway!!! She has this thing about her chair that she has to carry it EVERYWHERE and she tries so hard to put it over her head. Yesterday I looked over and she was standing in it!!! She is just getting too big!!!

Bathroom Changes!!

SO, I was soooo mad when I realized I forgot to take BEFORE pictures of the hall bathroom. But to sum it up... it was WHITE & boring... there was nothing on the walls and it was just plain white. I have painted it, put a border up, added a few things to walls . It was an experience trying to work and keep Bob and McKenzie out of the PAINT!!! but we had a blast and can't wait for Jacob to see our hard work tomorrow!!!