Friday, September 25, 2009

McKenzie's Hair Bow Travel Bag

I made a zipper bag for McKenzie, so she can put her hair bows in while we travel. I thought it turned out pretty cute, a great idea to use scrap fabric for !!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Marker Roll

I made McKenzie a marker roll to keep her markers in! I was basically the same as the crayon roll I just made it bigger to fit the markers!

"in the Christmas spirit"

I have been soooo excited about the upcoming months I have already started decorating for Halloween & Fall and now I am in the Christmas mood!!! haha!!!! So here are a few kitchen towels I have been working on. The one with the L is for my mom!

McKenzie and the Skeletons...hahah

McKenzie found the Halloween decorations to be hilarious the other day! She did not want to leave from playing with them!

The Kerby's make the Sea Island Baptist!

When we joined the church two weeks ago they took our picture and it is in their newsletter! To see us click the link below and scroll down!

Monday, September 21, 2009

the cutest birthday party !!

the entry way!

nate's cakes!
the birthday boy!

I think Jacob might have had too much fun!

about to pass out after the party!

On Saturday we went to Nathan's Birthday party. It was a Boot Camp Party, where Jacob got to play the DI!!! Missy's husband Keith is a drill instructor as well, but he was in North Carolina for school, so he was not able to get down for the party, he was missed greatly!

Missy is soooo stinkin creative, she had an obstacle course planned out for the kids to go through, they even had yellow foot prints cut out, she had them sign in, give them a sticker for their rank, a dog tag and the even got a certificate at the end. As you can see from the pictures it was a GREAT birthday party!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spend the night Fun!!!

McKenzie's friend Dakota stayed the night with us this past weekend! The girls had a blast! We ate dinner and cupcakes! Played with play doh, painted lots of pretty pictures, played kitchen and watched movies and ate pop corn!!! When we woke up in the morning McKenzie thought it was so funny that Dakota was still at the house! They had a great time playing!!! McKenzie loves her coco!!!

A Spaghetti Mess!!!

McKenzie loves spaghetti and she decided that not only did she want to eat it, but she also wanted to wear it! She took her hands and rubbed it all through her hair and then kept on laughing about it! It was hilarious!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Recruit Libo Day

Today was the newly made marines day of libo...aka free time! They maker a mad rush to the PX, subway and bowling ally!! It is crazy, until you experience it you don't truly understand! McKenzie and I went to meet Jacob up there, eat lunch and hang out for a little bit. When we arrived I was laughing so hard because it is so funny, sweet and sad to see the excitement these boys have on their face as they are rushing into the PX! I tell you what too, you can only take Good Afternoon Sir, Good Afternoon Ma'am so many times!!! They have to say it but after like the first ten times it can get old!!! We got our food to go and had a nice picnic outside with daddy!!!

McKenzie at Sunday School

McKenzie went to her first Sunday School Class today, where they actually had a "class" with a lesson! Her teacher Mrs. Missy is great!!! She let them paint with hammers, and it went along with their sunday school lesson. It was precious! I stayed in the class today and then went to "big" church and McKenzie stayed in her toddler class like she usually does. McKenzie is one of the younger ones in her Sunday School class so I stayed to help her!

my lil' cupcake "haha"

McKenzie and I cooked Daddy a big dinner and made him a cake and cupcakes yesterday! While I was about to start icing the cupcakes I look over and McKenzie is picking up one cupcake after another taking a small bite of the top of the cupcake... It was priceless!!! I of course had to go grab my camera!

Here are a few pictures of her eating the cupcakes and then the final "masterpiece" !
What can I say " I LOVE my Marine" !~!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crucible Dinner Night 2

So....looking at the pictures you would think the wives and kids just had a big cook out with out the husbands...haha!!! That was not the case, they had a steak dinner for the families this night. McKenzie warmed up to everyone so well and was running around playing and making new friends! It was so cute! By the time Daddy finally made it to the dinner, we were all exhausted from playing that we just sat down and tore into dinner....after Jacob ate and talk for a bit he had to go back to work. So, I have no pictures of him from HIS crucible dinner!

McKenzie and I have just took Jacob some new cammies and he was exhausted! He can't wait to get home and rest, and actually sleep in his own bed!!!

I am so incredibly proud of him, because today these recruits have turned into United States Marines, and my husband had a huge part in this!! It is so rewarding for him!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

my first crayon roll!!!

What a cute way to carry your crayons around with you!!! My first attempt at a crayon roll for McKenzie!