Monday, June 20, 2016

McKenzie's Dance Nationals Chicago

Our life... let me just start by saying have been crazy busy. Wait... crazy busy, maybe an understatement! Between relocating 15 hours away , separation, school to finish, dance obligations, the list goes on and on. I sometimes ask my self how or why I do it. Then I look at my children and see the excitement on their faces and I realize that everything I go through really is worth it! 

So with that being said.... we moved to NC and still had dance obligations to keep! We drove that long drive more times than I would like to say. My pocketbook and my sanity are GLAD that chapter is OVER!!! Although I miss my friendships made there. Dance Nationals was our last time back in Indiana and it was such a bittersweet moment. We were overly excited to move to NC and get on with our lives, but we also had a huge part of us in Indiana! We made life long friendships and at that moment driving out of my best friends driveway not knowing "if" of when I will see her again was heart wrenching. Technology has made it AMAZING for McKenzie & I ,  to keep in touch with them!!! I mean seriously what in the world did we do without Facebook and Instagram???? Seriously though ;) No more emotions back to what I was posting about ! McKenzie and her dance team nationals!!! 

Mckenzie's dance team at DMG competing in Ovation Dance Nationals in Chicago! 

Here are some pictures from out trip !