Wednesday, April 29, 2009

McKenzie's One Year Portraits

Here are some of McKenzie's one year portraits. She did great! She was into everything at the studio!!! I think over all they turned out pretty good!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yard work with Daddy...

I should probably say, watching daddy do yard work! McKenzie wanted to sit in her chair, so we got her all set up, she had her chair, drink and goldfish and she was good! She sat in the chair and watched daddy cut the grass. She tried to help me in the flower beds, she wants to help so bad. Then we gave Bob a bath and let the two of them play in the sprinklers. They both had a wonderful time playing in the yard and helping mommy & daddy do yard work!

more beach please :)

McKenzie and I got up early Saturday morning and headed out to the beach! Jacob had to work for a few hours this morning so we thought we would kill some time while he was at work. McKenzie is loving it more and more. We brought some of her sand toys and our beach chairs and made a morning of it! She wanted to carry her beach chair EVERYWHERE. She is getting more use to the sand and water, and is loving it!!! She actually would keep running down to the water just to put her feet in. She wanted to walk further down and further down into the water. She is going to LOVE the beach!!! I know that I sure do! :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

One year ago to the date!

Here is a picture from April 24, 2008 exactly one year ago from the date and a picture from today! Look how much she has changed!!! I cannot believe it! :)

Reading in the car!

McKenzie LOVES having books read to her. She will go and pick out what books she wants to read, bring them to me and make her way into my lap. She loves it so much that we take books with us in the car, (most of which I have memorized) she gets so upset when I can't hold the book while driving and read it to her. So today she figure out how to do it herself! I was talking to her (reading the book while driving) and had handed her the book, she started flipping through the pages and talking... I looked in the mirror and she had the book on her head! It was hilarious!!!

Ice Cream for the "big" girl

After we left the doctor's office we went home for a nap and then got up and went to get some ice cream! (since she was such a big girl) Her most favorite ice cream is an ice cream sandwich, so we went to Parris Island and got an ice cream and sat out by the picnic tables and played. She had so much fun & made a complete mess! She likes to clean up her mess though. She tried to clean the picnic table with her baby wipes. It was too cute!

McKenzie's One Year Check-up

Being a big girl in the waiting room

The pic to the left is our 2mth check up/ then the other is today!

I can't believe a year has past since McKenzie was born. This past year has brought us new and wonderful experiences. We all have learned so much! I looked back to today at some old pictures (well just from last year at this time) and could not believe how much has changed in a year.

At birth McKenzie weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and was 20 inches long... and today at 1 year and 3 weeks she weighed 27 lbs and is 31 inches tall! Oh my goodness... that is amazing to me! Plus just how much that has changed, she is walking everywhere and trying to tell me what she wants. I can only imagine how much she is going to change over the next year! Today we had three shots and then some blood taken from a finger prick! Oh my... I thought I was going to die at the pitiful face this baby broke my heart. Needle pricks can be a lot more painful than the shots.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can't get enough of this beautiful weather!

We went back to the beach today, it is such a beautiful day we just HAD to be outside!!! McKenzie is liking the sand more and more, she actually played in it today. She liked to watch the jet ski go by us, they would spin around and splash towards us! She thought this was too funny! We stayed for a while and as we were leaving McKenzie saw a bunch of pigeons, so she immediately took off after them, they slowly kept moving further away from them, but she was persistent! I finally had to just pick her up, because she was starting to get a ways away!

Getting Ready!

McKenzie is enjoying getting her self ready, or so she thinks, it is so cute. She loves taking a bath and playing with all her toys, but she really enjoys when she gets out! She like brushing her teeth, putting on deodorant, brushing her hair and putting lotion on! She also likes getting into the bathroom closet and moving all my stuff around :) !!!

The Great Pumpkin Patch! (10/23/08)

are they dressed a like???

We took McKenzie to the Great Pumpkin Patch to pick out her pumpkin! We rode on the hay filled carriage out to the patch and walked around until we found the perfect pumpkin. We all went through a hay maze that we thought would be hard, but it was apparently made for kids... it was a zig zag and then you are done! After that we took the hay filled carriage back and went to the shops, set in the rocking chairs and ate lunch! It was a great time picking McKenzie's first pumpkin!