Monday, April 20, 2009

The start to a wonderful friendship!

At first, I was so worried that Bob was going to be too rowdy for McKenzie and I was afraid that we may have to get rid of him. He would try and grab her feet like a toy. I did not want him hurting her... little did I know that even at only one month old McKenzie and Bob were making a friendship that would last forever. Bob finally calmed down and he and McKenzie are inseparable, McKenzie lays all over him, steps on him and pulls his ears and all he does is lay never even phases him. They work together as a team to get what they want as well. McKenzie will slowly hang food over the side of the highchair for Bob. They like to chase each other around too... Bob is scared of the broom for some reason, and McKenzie will take the broom and run after him all around the house! They LOVE each other, it is so sweet to watch the two of them together.

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