Tuesday, April 21, 2009

McKenzie and Santa Claus 2008

With Christmas being my absolute favorite holiday, I wanted a cute picture of McKenzie and Santa Claus. Well... we tried and tried... they got worse the more times we saw him! Ironically every single time, we where the 1st in line...we waited for 2 hours the day after Thanksgiving to see him! (not because the line was long, because there was no line, lol, we started it) I was concerned that we would have to wait in line a long time. Then we saw Santa Claus the next weekend at the Tree Lighting Ceremony on Base. This reaction was worse. Santa Claus came riding up on a fire truck! I think it was probably all the noise that contributed to this one being bad! Then we saw him at Jacob work Christmas party, this one was just funny!!! I am hoping that maybe next years Santa Claus pictures will be better, but these will definitely be ones to remember!

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