Sunday, April 19, 2009

McKenzie's First Easter!

For McKenzie's first Easter, we woke up early Easter Sunday and let McKenzie see what the Easter bunny brought her. It was so cute, she came walking around the corner and saw her basket and immediately knew it was hers. She started going through it finding all her goodies! After that we ate breakfast and got ready for church...and a photo shoot (as always)! After church we came back and hunted Easter eggs. McKenzie LOVED caring her huge basket around... which was nearly as big as she is. Then it was time for daddy to go back to the hotel :( , so we took him back, but on our way home we took a detour and went to The Marina at Port Royal. We walked down the Pier and watched the boats go by. It was beautiful! Then McKenzie and I came back home and played with the eggs some more... it has been a week since Easter and I am still playing with eggs!

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