Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Playing in the sprinkler with Daddy & Bob 4/18/09

We decided to hook the sprinkler up and let McKenzie play in it since it was so HOT! However, we think Bob had more fun than any body. McKenzie was not too sure about the water, she laughed and laughed at Bob playing in it, so Jacob took her and ran through it, she LOVED this. They did this several times, with McKenzie laughing like crazy!!! Jacob took her around on the waggon. In the pictures it is so cute, Jacob would say, wave at Mommy! You can also tell, that Daddy has his shirt off in need of working on his "farmer's tan", since he is outside so much in DI school in his cammies, he has got a funny tan line, I wish you could see his ball head!!! He has a tan line around the top where his cover goes. I love it! We had a blast spending so good fun time with Daddy!!!

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