Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A day at the Beach! April 19, 2009

McKenzie and I stopped by the beach, last weekend after we dropped Daddy off at school. It was a beautiful day, so I thought that she would enjoy it. We took a walk down the peir and watched the boats go by. You would think that since McKenzie has been to the beach a million times before she turned a year old that she would love!!! So, then we went to play in the sand. ( I must admit, I am having a time getting use to this beach as compared to the Gulf Coast) She was hillarious, I never could really capture a good picture of the face that she was making. She could not understand why her feet were getting stuck in the sand, she kept lefting he feet up when she walked.( it was so funny) We were throwing shells into the ocean and she liked to watch them splash. I tried to get her to touch the water, but she was not too sure about it. With us living minutes from the beach....she better get use to it!!! WE are going to be there a lot!

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