Sunday, April 19, 2009

McKenzie & the Easter bunny

I called around EVERYWHERE looking for the Easter bunny so McKenzie could see him and possibly try and get a picture with him (plus we had bought two Easter dresses and I could not decided which one I wanted her to actually wear to church, so we had to wear one on Saturday & then the other on Sunday). After almost giving up, I found out that he was going to be at Bruster's Ice Cream. So on Saturday we got up and got ready and took McKenzie to get some ice cream. She got her favorite kind, cotton candy... it is BLUE, that is why her lips look blue in most of the pictures. After we ate our ice cream the Easter bunny came out! McKenzie was very interested in him, but she did not want to get too close. She stayed right by Jacob's side the whole time... she finally touched him, but she would not dare go to him. I tried, I wanted a picture of her and the Easter bunny so bad, but it just was not going to work! She just wanted to look!

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