Sunday, April 19, 2009

McKenzie's First Birthday!

 I have been horrible about updating this site! However, now that Jacob is in DI School, I have LOTS of time on my hands and thought that I would start back doing this blog. Also, I think it will be a great way to keep up with what is going on with Jacob, how he is doing in school and how we are making it without our daddy at home all the time. So far so good, we are finishing up week two of school and counting down the days until June 24th (his graduation)! We get to visit Jacob every night, we go and take him something to eat and let McKenzie play with him for a few minutes. Our time is very limited since he has so much studying and meetings, uniforms to fix and we can't forget at some point during all this he must sleep. On the weekends he has been able to come home and hang out with us, it gives us all some time to get an actual "good" night sleep. Since our move it is taking me some time to get use to sleeping by ourselves. I have Bob...the MAN of the house while daddy is away to take care of us!!!

So, I have chosen to start with McKenzie's First Birthday. McKenzie had two birthday parties, she had one in Alabama on March 28th and then she had one on her actual birthday April 3rd at our new house. It was crazy trying to get everything ready for the party, we literally moved in on that Tuesday and had her party on that Friday! But even with all the stress it turned out perfect!

McKenzie's party in Alabama was in Helena at my cousin Kim's house. We had some bad weather come through on Friday and I was stressing soooo bad that it would rain on Saturday, however it turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day!!! McKenzie did not tear in to her cake as we expected from practice runs with cupcakes. I think she is just so girly that she did not want to get dirty!

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