Monday, June 20, 2016

McKenzie's Dance Nationals Chicago

Our life... let me just start by saying have been crazy busy. Wait... crazy busy, maybe an understatement! Between relocating 15 hours away , separation, school to finish, dance obligations, the list goes on and on. I sometimes ask my self how or why I do it. Then I look at my children and see the excitement on their faces and I realize that everything I go through really is worth it! 

So with that being said.... we moved to NC and still had dance obligations to keep! We drove that long drive more times than I would like to say. My pocketbook and my sanity are GLAD that chapter is OVER!!! Although I miss my friendships made there. Dance Nationals was our last time back in Indiana and it was such a bittersweet moment. We were overly excited to move to NC and get on with our lives, but we also had a huge part of us in Indiana! We made life long friendships and at that moment driving out of my best friends driveway not knowing "if" of when I will see her again was heart wrenching. Technology has made it AMAZING for McKenzie & I ,  to keep in touch with them!!! I mean seriously what in the world did we do without Facebook and Instagram???? Seriously though ;) No more emotions back to what I was posting about ! McKenzie and her dance team nationals!!! 

Mckenzie's dance team at DMG competing in Ovation Dance Nationals in Chicago! 

Here are some pictures from out trip ! 

Monday, May 30, 2016

DMG Dance Recital 2016 Tribute to Indiana

The DMG Dance recital is like a full out production! 7 numbers, 3 hair changes ... man I am tired! It is equally exhausting on the "dance" mom as it is the dancer. 

Never in a million years would I picture myself as a dance mom. YES there are MEAN moms out there.... why??? Aren't we all just there for our girls. Especially as a new member on a team you can get so many stank eyes its not even funny!!! Why can we all just be there to celebrate and build up our girls as well as each other. Lucky for us we were blessed with some amazing friends that got us through the crazy dance season!!! 

As I said DMG puts on an amazing show! Here are some of my favorites. 

Backstage Dressing Room 

 Getting ready backstage for our quick change. I think we had three numbers to get ready.

 clearly we had enough time to be silly!!

 They showed up in time to see some of dress rehearsal!!! So BLESSED that they are such awesome travelers and care so much about FAMILY!!!

Cause it takes a lot to get a family photo 

 my sweet baby girl 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Purdue Boilermaker Half!

By far, this was the first true race I "trained" for! Jacob had left to go to TBS for 6 months, McKenzie and Harry started school and I had a lot of time on my hands. You know between taking care of the kids, the house, the dogs, the groceries, plus being a substitute know lots of time! Any who! I dedicated my time to this race. I made things happen. Thankful for my AMAZING family, they were able to help me out and come up so they could be here for race day! 
I remember the anticipation of race day was growing, I was so nervous about what to wear. In Indiana the weather is so crazy from day. I am usually very cold, but fleece lined would have made me too hot, do I wear crops or leggings, shorts... I don't know!! and what top, long sleeve, short sleeve, half zip...what!!! I remember looking on pinterest for "weather appropriate clothing for running" I went back and forth and back and forth. Finally at the package pick up exhibits I sucked myself into buying a half zip, with thumb holes of course! I spoke to the helpful girl at Tri-N-Run for a while on what I should wear! Finally I can up with my outfit! Lord knows after all that training and being mentally prepared, leave it to being a women problem...not knowing what to wear to stroke me out the most! 
But! Race day came and I ran the best 1/2 marathon I was freezing, maybe thats why lol but either way it motivated me to keep going. I never even stopped to rest.. I didn't even go to the bathroom even though it hit me at 11 miles that I desperately needed to. I remember seeing the port a potties in site!!!! I ran up to them ...all were "occupied" I checked my watch and knew I couldn't wait around it I wanted to make my goal time. I just took off!!! I pushed through those last two miles, as I turned the corner I could see the clock... I had to push it in order to make my time!!!! and I did!!! That truly was my favorite race to date ;) 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Foam Glow Run! Indy 2015

McKenzie and I ran a Foam Glow 5k! Just me & her, an perfect opportunity for GIRL time with my baby...which isn't much with this life we live. We had an amazing time! She laughed , smiled, rolled in foam and finished super proud at the end!!! I LOVE seeing her excitement in running ;)