Saturday, October 17, 2015

Purdue Boilermaker Half!

By far, this was the first true race I "trained" for! Jacob had left to go to TBS for 6 months, McKenzie and Harry started school and I had a lot of time on my hands. You know between taking care of the kids, the house, the dogs, the groceries, plus being a substitute know lots of time! Any who! I dedicated my time to this race. I made things happen. Thankful for my AMAZING family, they were able to help me out and come up so they could be here for race day! 
I remember the anticipation of race day was growing, I was so nervous about what to wear. In Indiana the weather is so crazy from day. I am usually very cold, but fleece lined would have made me too hot, do I wear crops or leggings, shorts... I don't know!! and what top, long sleeve, short sleeve, half zip...what!!! I remember looking on pinterest for "weather appropriate clothing for running" I went back and forth and back and forth. Finally at the package pick up exhibits I sucked myself into buying a half zip, with thumb holes of course! I spoke to the helpful girl at Tri-N-Run for a while on what I should wear! Finally I can up with my outfit! Lord knows after all that training and being mentally prepared, leave it to being a women problem...not knowing what to wear to stroke me out the most! 
But! Race day came and I ran the best 1/2 marathon I was freezing, maybe thats why lol but either way it motivated me to keep going. I never even stopped to rest.. I didn't even go to the bathroom even though it hit me at 11 miles that I desperately needed to. I remember seeing the port a potties in site!!!! I ran up to them ...all were "occupied" I checked my watch and knew I couldn't wait around it I wanted to make my goal time. I just took off!!! I pushed through those last two miles, as I turned the corner I could see the clock... I had to push it in order to make my time!!!! and I did!!! That truly was my favorite race to date ;) 

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