Thursday, December 30, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Christmas Craft!

McKenzie worked hard to make some snowflake ornaments. Her favorite part was getting the glue everywhere! She did a great job!

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

As most of you know, Christmas is by far my favorite time of year!! We have started decorating already!! McKenzie has been working on her "PINK" tree for her bedroom and working on the guest room tree. She is loving it! She ask Jacob if we could please go to Walmart because she wanted to look at Christmas stuff. Yes....that's my girl!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Monday, October 4, 2010

97.3 KISSFM Savannah & Hilton Head - Top 40 Radio

97.3 KISSFM Savannah & Hilton Head - Top 40 Radio

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

my little Super Star! haha

A few weeks ago, Jacob was asked to get his picture taken with a recruit to memic a poster that was circulated .
here is an article I got from Parris Island that was written in 2006 but this sums up the photo that was taken of Jacob

The Marine in the infamous "We don't promise you a rose garden" poster is none other than former Sgt. Charles A. "Sgt. T" Taliano, who, even after 38 years removed from active duty, continues to inspire future generations of Marines.

Taliano, who currently serves as the manager for Alexander Ship's Store located in the Parris Island Museum, said he was just assisting other drill instructors with a platoon pick-up on that fateful day in 1968 when a photographer snapped the photo that would transform him into a Marine icon.

"There was a Marine reservist who was an author and photographer, and he was writing a book about Marine Corps boot camp," said Taliano, who said he was on outpost awaiting an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps on the day the photo was taken. "It was titled 'Marine Machine: the Making of the United States Marine.'"

It wasn't until three years later when his father called him up and told him of the photograph that appeared in Newsweek Magazine that he realized the poster even existed, he said.

"I went down to the local newsstand, I paged through it, and there was an article in there about the Marine Corps, and I saw that a picture of the poster was in the magazine," said Taliano, of the article that was published Nov. 29, 1971. "That's the first I was aware of the poster."

The "Rose Garden" poster was the first in a series of posters with a slogan that read, "The Marines are looking for a few good men," a recruiting campaign that ran from late 1971 until mid-1984, said Taliano.

At one point in the 1990s, the Marine Corps Association even had a jigsaw puzzle of the image, which was later discontinued, he said.

Even to this day, Taliano said he still gets recognized, and often gets requests to autograph copies of the campaign poster, which are sold at the museum gift shop.

A few years ago when Taliano began attending the drill instructor reunions at Parris Island, he held a poster signing and remembered a line of customers out the door, and the
store sold about 500 posters within a two-day period, he said.
"[Of] the Marines that were in line, many of them that were buying multiple posters for other Marines who had to be at work," he said.

Taliano continues to hold poster signings across the country, and all of the proceeds go toward funding the Parris Island Museum and scholarships for the Women Marines Association, he said.

Having received recognition for the past three decades, Taliano can't help but wonder what happened to the frightened recruit whose face is barely visible in the photograph that made him famous so long ago.

"There have been a few attempts to find him over the years," said Taliano. [I] guess I would ask him about his time in the Marine Corps ... if life was good to him."

During a poster signing, a gunnery sergeant told him the recruit in the poster was a sergeant major who had retired, but without the name of the gunnery sergeant or the sergeant major the information would be impossible to verify, he said.

However, if he ever saw his former recruit again, he would want to have a reunion since [the alleged sergeant major] now "outranks" him, he said.

"If he indeed retired as a sergeant major as I was told, that would be a historical reunion," he said.

Although he has been off the drill field nearly 40 years, Taliano credits much of his success in life to his tour as a drill instructor.

"It was the best job I have ever had," he said. The hours were long; the pressure was great; the rewards were many. I would not trade the experience for anything. Being a drill instructor has changed my life. It certainly helped me in my civilian career."

Taliano continues to stay close to the Marine Corps by working at the Parris Island Museum, where he enjoys seeing new Marines on Family Day, he said.

"I'm having a lot of fun, and it's fun being surrounded by Marines," said the Cleveland native.

As long as he is in good health, Taliano said he will continue to work for the Parris Island Museum, and, of course, sign autographs upon request.

"As long as my health remains good ... I'll be here."

he passed away Friday 4 June 2010

Here is the actual picture that they took of Jacob, I am sure they are going to crop it out and make it more like the actual poster pic, It is in memory of the previous drill instructor who's picture became a poster and made him a military star!!! This is a wonderful honor for jacob and I can't wait to actually see the painting once they get it finished!!

I was informed yesterday this photo of Jacob is going to be made into paintings and auctioned off a an event on Parris Island in order to raise money for the MCRD Parris Island Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Novemeber!!! This is a HUGE honor and I am so proud!!!

the loves of my life!

Yesterday, (August 18, 2010) was Final Drill. This is a day that I long for since inital drill , I am not going to lie, I don't get the whole training process, I don't know what training day final is...all I know it that means we are a little over a week out from graduting, and that is all I need to know!! I love watching the progress that the boys have made over the past few weeks. But what I get the most joy out of, is seeing mckenzie with her daddy. She get so excited when she sees him at work, she wants to be all over her daddy! I caught a few pictures of the two of them that I love! They make my heart smile with joy!! I couldn't ask for a more perfect life!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

McKenzie 2nd Birthday (April 3, 2010)

This year for McKenzie's birthday party we had it on base at the bowling ally. She had several of her friends along with her Mimi, Poppie, Lala, Pop & Gigi! She had a blast bowling and didn't want anyone else to have a turn. They have ramps that allow the kids to put their balls on them and then push then down. McKenzie got lots of fun toys and was so happy to have everyone there! Thank you to all that made McKenzie's 2nd birthday so special!

Chuck E Cheese (Birmingham Jan, 11, 2010)

On a visit to Alabama back in January, we went to Chuck E Cheese with Mimi, Poppie, Mammaw, Pappaw & mommy & Daddy. McKenzie loves this place. She is a very lucky girl too. She hit the jack pot on one of the games and one over 100s of tickets... this girl, she's a mess!! And of course we came home with tons of useless toys!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Honeymoon (Demeber 16th 2007)

A year after we got married, we had our actual wedding and honeymoon! Jacob and I had a blast. We went to Gatlinburg, TN , while we were there it actually snowed. We had lots of fun memories together. Like I would love to share this one. My husband is definitely the cheap one( well for certain things, he picks and chooses what he likes to spend money on, hotel rooms...ummm not so much ) he feels that if you are never in the room but just to sleep why pay high dollar for it...right?!?!?!?!? well we picked up one of those coupon books and began to look through it. I hear him, look here it is Red Roof Inn 17.99 a night! haha, maybe they might give a military discount too! We get there, and honestly it wasn't bad, we paid our 104 dollars and took off to play. We were walking down the main road when we got attacked by one of those people selling time shares. They offered us 100.00 plus two free dinner vouchers if we came and spent 2 hours at their place. I couldn't believe it when he said yes. After two long hours of them trying to tell us we needed a time share, we walked away with our 100.00 cash! as we made it out the door jacob said "well, that paid for our hotel room, looks like we got our self a free honeymoon" haha!! I will never forget that, hence the reason we are going on a CRUISE this December for our anniversary. I guess make up for our cheap honeymoon! but I wouldn't trade it for the world! So, I insisted while we were there that we took the air tram up to ober gatlinburg, jacob...not too thrilled, but a trooper rode up to the top with me. Once we got off and we saw all the snow I insisted that we take the ski lift up to the top...again not to thrilled with the selections (as you can tell from the pictures...might I add some of my most favorite pictures ever) so, I am thinking to myself as we are on this ski lift, my husband who purchased a 800.00 snowboard...which might I add is in the attic (NEVER USED) is afraid to ride a ski lift???? did he think he was going to snowboard! haha well for my sweet husband's reward I took him to a bar that served like huge beers, and that... well that just made him happy :) as you will be able to tell from the pictures!!!! I know these are old, but I have been doing some serious organizing of pictures, and I found these and they are too great not to share !

and he is happy!!!
Keep in mind, I am 5 months pregnant!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A brief visit to Alabama (4/17-4/20)

Back in February my Pappaw had a stroke, not long after he had another and was in the hospital then up until he passed away May 4, 2010. He was a wonderful pappaw, father, husband, uncle, dad and friend. Only time will heal the pain that our family is facing. Death is not easy to deal with, there are always questions...the only thing comforting to know is that there is a heaven and one day we will all be together again. We went for a brief visit back in April to see my pappaw and family. Little did I know that the last day when we said bye....sneaked mckenzie in the room, they sat him up and he smiled the biggest smile that I had seen in a long time that it would be last time I would see that smile. My heart breaks every time I see that smile in my head.

We also celebrated my Mammaw's birthday the hospital (it was fun!)

When we left Birmingham, we made a trip through Opelika and visited with Jacob's family too. McKenzie was able to play with her cousin Sidney and eat IHOP! They had a great time together and hated to say bye :)

The Sands (April 26, 2010)

A fun time at the sands with daddy before he starts back cycle. It was so windy we couldn't stay long, but we had a blast playing in the sand, collecting shells, and walking down the beach.

Holly's High School Graduation ( May 27, 2010)

I can't believe my sister graduated high school, let alone moving out in a few days. I can remember my high school graduation and looking at my sister...a BABY and thinking wow 2010, man that's a long ways away, well here we are 11 years down the road, yes I said 11 years, and it's finally that day. Holly has grown so much over the past 11 years, I barely could hold back tears watching her walk cross that stage and closing one door and opening another filled full of opportunities. I know that she will succeed in anything she puts her mind to. I wish her and all the other 2010 graduates the best of luck!