Monday, April 20, 2009

Our 2 year Anniversary! 12/28

Since we were at home for our anniversary, Mimi & PawPaw kept McKenzie while Jacob & I went out. We decided we would do diner and a movie. We went to Olive Garden, at the time it was yummy I can't remember what Jacob had, but I got something with shrimp... we had a nice diner and then we were off to the movie. As we were driving over to the movies which was only like a 2 minute drive I started feeling sick, but I was determined that we where going to have a nice time out, so I could suck it up. We waited in a LONG line to get our movie tickets and were going to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." We go in and sit up towards the top and some what in the middle. After a few minutes, I told Jacob I had to go to the bathroom, I was sick... so needless to say, I went to the restroom, barely making it to the trash can inside. I washed my face off and was like "OK, I feel better now" I go back and sit down and no more that 5 minutes later it comes back... I could not hold it in... Jacob reached down and grabbed me the popcorn bag... in the middle of the movie, I was so embarrassed. So needless to say we had to run down the stairs before it came on again! We made it down and I felt a lot better, so we head to the car thinking that the fresh air was what I need. However, I forgot that I did not finish my meal at Olive Garden, and we had got it to go, so the car smelled just like the food the that been coming back up. Soooo...I started to get sick again, finally we made it to a gas station and Jacob went in and got me a drink... after that we both began laughing so hard!!! I was so funny, I felt sorry for the people in front of us at the theater! With all that being said we had a great time together and it is a memory that will last forever!

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