Monday, April 20, 2009

McKenzie's First Christmas!

Better late than never!

McKenzie's first Christmas was spent at Mimi & PawPaw's house in the Grove. Aunt Holly made McKenzie some reindeer food to sprinkle out in the front lawn. This was a tradition that we did for Holly as well. After getting all the cookies made and changing into our PJ's (the girls always wear matching ones...the guys included! It is so much fun!) we sprinkled out reindeer food and headed to bed! I always have been bad about getting everyone up EARLY on Christmas morning... I think we made it to 6:30ish this time! McKenzie walked in the room and was overwhelmed by all the toys! She watched as we helped he open her presents. She tried to ride on her pony, but she was not too sure about it. After we opened presents we drove over to Mammaw & Pappaw's house (another tradition) in our PJ's of course. We opened our gifts there, and then it is back to Mimi &PawPaw's to get ready for the day! We went over to Mammaw's again and ate lunch and filled up on lots of goodies!!! The day was perfect, we had a WONDERFUL Christmas!

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