Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our New House!!!

When we decided that Jacob would go to DI school, we started searching for a house. We knew with this decision it would give us at least 3 more years here. However, we love it here and plan on staying much longer...maybe forever! After a lot of thought we decided to get a house and move out of base housing! We moved a little bit closer to Parris Island, where Jacob is going to spend 99% of his time... the other 1% will be at home with us!!! We absolutely fell in LOVE with this house. The tree swing in the front won me over... but the hammock on the side isn't half bad either!!! We have a back yard finally that is fenced in for Bob. Which he LOVES!!! I have a few projects that I am going to be working on while Jacob is out at the Drill Field. I am going to be fixing McKenzie's room, along with the spare bedroom & the bathrooms. We will be adding some paint to the walls...we were soooo tired of the white walls in base housing and are ready for some color. The living room, dinning room, kitchen and master bedroom all where painted and the colors have matched perfectly with everything that we have! It was just meant to be, what can I say. I will be updating more pictures of everything as I get it all set the way I want it!

I find myself taking McKenzie and going out on the hammock in the afternoons, it is so surreal. We live on a very quite cul-de-sac and can just lay there and listen to the birds, it is amazing!!! I called Jacob just today and told him it was perfect... the only thing that was missing was him!

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