Sunday, May 3, 2009

DI school update!

I was going to let everyone know that Jacob is doing well! We have officially made it through week 4 of his 11 week school. I am amazed every day at all the good things I am hearing about how well he is doing. From everyone! He is really taking this seriously and striving to do his best. This past weekend he was on Observation. He followed around a platoon out of third battalion. He was nervous at first, but said he LOVED it. I figured he would, he was born to do this! He was up from about 2:45 am to about 11:00 pm for two days. They followed behind the recruits and watched everything. I heard numerous stories from him and his friends about their weekend!
7 weeks left!

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  1. Your gonna make up!!!! I figured that he would enjoy the observation. I would love to observe just one time. I would love to see Nick working without him knowing im there of course. If he knew I was there then it wouldn't be the same I don't think