Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We are just juicing fools!

So we made it to day 3! Yay! Ok, so for the last three days I have woke up with a smile on my face at 4:30/4:45 fixed the hubs and I a drink, did some yoga and finished cleaning up the house and got ready all before 7:30 when its time to wake the kids! What I have learned from this is rather interesting and somewhat motivating! For the first time in...oh I don't know FOREVER....I have ME TIME! Yes it may be at the expense of my sleep but let me just say it is worth it! I am so much happy and maybe its the juice that gives me extra benefits and maybe its all in my head, who knows but none the less I feel good and am proud of what I have accomplished! Now the hard part... keeping it up! So my challenge to myself is to hold myself accountable, yes things are going to come up, yes we are going to stay out late and no I am not saying I ALWAYS will do my yoga or wake up that early, but what I am holding myself to is NOT to fall into the rut of not even trying! Its ok to cheat every now and again, its ok to sleep til 9AM. I am challenging myself to not let that ONE day ruin the next 15! To take a stand and say this is not a diet/workout routine, but to say this is my LIFE and I want to live to be 150 and see my grandchildren and my great grandchildren. I want to run and play with my kids! I want to be a more healthy, happy person! and for me getting up and enjoying some quiet time by myself/or with the hubs if his time permits is ALL worth it!!! So here's to keeping it up :) 

todays juice was the lovely "Morning Glory " 
So whats the story with this morning glory! Well one might say not too just kidding its not too bad it was my first time juicing a beet so that may have something to do with it! lol 

Morning Glory Recipe (this recipe only yields one serving)
2 carrots 
1 beet
2 oranges 

So today along with my yoga I found this Plank Challenge on Pinterest! I will be trying it, as I hope you might join along with me too! I mean how hard can it be ....

Oh just getting my 20 second plank on! :) 

Hope you have a fantastic day :) for us here its raining so I will leave you with this sweet picture of my babies 

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