Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WaCkY Wednesday!

Seriously, a wacky Wednesday! Woke up at 0445 and thought it was going to be a great day ;) Fixed our morning juice (which was AMAZING) Highly highly recommend this juice ! Today was a morning energizer/ fat burner 
2 grapefruits ( I used pink) 
2 oranges 
1/2 lime 
1 inch of ginger 

Sorry I forgot to take a pic and I had already drank most of it. This did not make my average amount it was a little less, but I didn't want to add to much more to it! Definitely a good acidic boost! 

So as I was saying before I got side tracked with my juice! I "thought" it was going to be a good morning, had my drink fixed my coffee and started my yoga....then.... Goose heard something, jumped over my tray with my coffee and spilled it all over my PLANNER!!! AKA my LIFE!!!! I hurried grabbed it yelled at him and WOKE Harry up!!! lol So there went yoga, there went my me time ! BUT its all good, because I got some one on one time with Harry, apologized to Goose and went about my morning, Life is too short to let ONE instance change your whole day :) 

Harry took an early nap today. I guess it was that 5:30 wake up call 

I guess Goose felt bad! lol I LOVE these babies !!! 

and I must post my Beautiful oh so posh little lady this morning!!! She picked out her outfit, yeah the boot socks don't match perfectly but I let her go on and wear them :) I couldn't tell that pretty girl NO!!! 

Gosh  I LOVE my kiddos! What on earth did I ever do before my hubby and my kids!!! :)

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