Friday, September 12, 2014

I'm gonna make, make make you do a Double Take

Here is my review of Thirty-One's September Hostess Exclusive Double Take Tote! 
First off let me start by same BAM!!! How AWESOME is the new font!
Style number 78

Now that my favorite part is out of the way, let me tell you WHY I love this bag :) 

So it's called a double take tote....why is that you ask, because it is one bag with two looks, I like that much more than say "hey look at my reversible bag" 

Look one 
Black Quilted 

Look Two 
 Black and White Cheveron

It's got pockets galore, I think someone said 16 either way I didn't count them! I just know its enough to organize everything!
I used my hand to show how deep it is , and how much room you have in it.

Even a thermal zipper pouch! 31 thinks of everything right! 
There is a hook for your keys as well. 

Overall the functionality of this bag is amazing!!! I can't wait to use it for our upcoming trip to Disney!!!


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