Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jane Wayne Day (April 24, 2010)

Where to begin....I know that my husband, along with every other United States Marine under gos extensive training. On this day, I was able to experience a small 6 hour piece of what they go through. We began our journey at Paige Field, were we got divided into groups and put with our "drill instructors" My group actually had a female...and let me just say, she scared me to death. I guess I look at the men and see my husband and know deep down they are nice people and almost laughed when they told me something to do, however the female was no joke! Our first event was the Repel Tower! This was the most exciting to me, we got harnessed up and went through a VERY brief training (nothing near as extensive as a recruit, just enough to know the proper way to do it) Then we begin up the stairs. I think the higher we climbed the more nervous I was! Finally at the top, I don't even think I looked over I just turned around and did as instructed, it was crazy, even as high up as I was fear was not an option, I was hanging off the side of a wall with nothing but a rope around my waste to hold me up. I remember listening to my instructor on the way down. It was so rewarding to hit the ground...on my feet of course! Next we went through a few crucible events, we went to the rifle range...where I shot a rifle!! I actually hit my target too. We went to receiving and stood on the yellow foot prints and we received the "pick up" speech from our Senior Drill Instructor. This was a very motivating and eye opening experience!

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