Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A sad day!

Bob Kerby ...AKA "bob bob"

July 15, 2007-August 10, 2009

I don't think I ever expected that I would not have my bob bob around. He has always been my baby. He and McKenzie played so well together and he helped me in so many ways. Our family is going through a very hard time right now dealing with our loss. I think it is because it was so unexpected. Bob was only two years old and was a perfectly healthy puppy. He was always ready to play and could always...ALWAYS put a smile on McKenzie's face. Bob took care of McKenzie, he would lay next to her while she was taking a nap, he would help her up on the couch(he would lay down and she would climb up) and they always shared food...it was just the perfect friendship.

I want so bad to know what happen to Bob, we thought at the time he was having a heat stroke, but he was not outside but for only 2 hours. He had dug himself a hole and was laying in it. I could see his chest was rising and falling, but he would not answer me. I held his head in my hand trying to get him to wake up. It was just the hardest thing ever....knowing that I was watching him die in my arms. We brought him in and put him in the shower, trying to cool him down, after a few minutes we got him in the truck and headed to the animal hospital, only to arrive and no one be there... in a panic we did not know what to do, at this time my friend had quit doing chest compressions on Bob because it was not working. Bob was gone to heaven. We finally made it the other animal hospital and they took Bob, they informed me that it was not a heat stroke. Bob could have died from a numerous amount of things. He could have ate something, been bitten by something or have had an underlying condition....or my worse thought someone could have poisoned Bob. I really do not know what to think...I have no idea. I know that Bob was a wonderful sweet and loving dog that would not hurt anyone...We are all very heart broken right now. The only thing that keeps me going is I know that Bob is in heaven.

Bob always LOVED running around in the open yard...with no fence...so I think that Bob is happy in heaven running free!!!

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