Monday, March 5, 2012

Visiting Mimi & Poppie's Feb & March 2012

When Jacob left on January 22, 2012 for OCS, McKenzie and I were a little lonely and wanted more than anything to be with family over the next long 10 weeks. McKenzie & I made a chain to represent the days until we would see daddy!

For the first 3 weeks we had no communication with Jacob other than a handwritten letter.
OCS has a website that (I thought frequently) updated pictures of the platoons. On the very first one, just when I think we needed it the most there he was running his initial PFT!!!

Finally, on February 11th we were able to hear his voice and see his face thanks to FaceTime.
and that made everything better !!!

Facetime on Daddy's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Jacob!!
McKenzie showing off her chain now!!! almost time to see daddy!!!

so, during our time here thus far we have definitely stayed busy, many park trips, many day trips to indy , trips to west lafayette, celebrated birthdays and just enjoyed family time!!! oh and the snow!!

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