Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our Wedding Day Take 2 12/15/2007

I knew the moment I met Jacob, there was something special about him. Never would I have thought I would have married a military man! Jacob and I got married 12/28/2006 but he deployed 5 days after, so we held off on our ceremony until the following year once he returned. We got married (again) on December 15, 2007. So, I am pretty luck to say I do claim both dates!!! :) Here are some pictures from the wedding !

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  1. Oh how FUN!! You and I had similar tastes for our wedding choices. I had black bridesmaid dresses, red roses, the cake had red roses like yours. I'll have to show you sometime - lots of similarities. Guess we both have great taste ;-) These were great pictures - and you looked absolutely beautiful (no surprise there)!!!