Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Today show Appearance

While visiting my parents we thought...."how many times are you this close to the super bowl and the Today show not to go" On that Thursday night February 2, 2012 we bought some glitter & poster board and decided to make some signs! McKenzie & I made one for Jacob since he is currently gone to OCS and we miss him so bad we thought we would put that we love & miss our daddy. Holly on the hand put her tweeter name on hers and I drew the Tweeter bird on it and we completely glittered them up! That Friday morning we had intentions of leaving by 5:00 however we didn't get on the road until closer to 5:30. All down in the dumps because we still had an hour left to go, we figured we would never get a good spot yet alone get on TV. We got to Indy about 6:30 and parked got our signs together and headed out. Tons of people were everywhere leaving no spots to see the band or the Today crew. Then out of no where we saw an opening and took off. We where there, right smack behind the band!!! We had an amazing time listening to Adam Levine warm up and then perform on LIVE TV. We watched Al Roker zip line in and over all had an amazing time. We even ended up on ESPN! It was crazy!!! So here is our national TV debut !!!
McKenzie and her sign !!! She was so proud!

Holly and her sign !

Click the video below to see us!!! We are in the left hand corner nearly the whole video!!!

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a few pictures from our trip to Indy !!! February 3, 2012


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